Vanguard is an organization of Latter-day Saint scouters. They work with scouting organizations around the world to represent LDS families in their program.

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  • Scouting for Latter-day Saint Families - 20 reasons why many LDS families are staying active in scouting past the 2020 LDS church departure.
  • Vanguard International Scouting Association A new organization of Latter-day Saint Scouters launched in early 2020 to continue working with Scouting organizations around the world to build bridges of faith. This date coincides with the 110th Anniversary of the charter of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Light & Truth Award - scouting religious emblems award program for Latter-day Saint Scouters. Cub Scout award: Light & Truth Award; Scout youth and adults: Vanguard Award.
  • Project Malachi - Generate Direct Online Referrals from your home for your hometown missionaries, or your favorite missionaries serving anywhere abroad.

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