The Saratoga Springs Utah Temple will be located within the Beacon Pointe development, west of Redwood Road and north of Meadow Side Drive. The Beacon Pointe Community Plan was approved by the City of Saratoga Springs on December 4, 2018, which features the 22.7-acre temple site, referred to as a Special Project site in the document. It details various design guidelines including nighttime lighting and ornate fencing for the Special Project and its location on elevated property at the end of a tree-lined street with a center island known as Founders Boulevard. The beautiful site sits near the western shores of Utah Lake.1

Full-scale construction efforts have finally been able to begin for the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple. Around that temple site, the streets have been paved, and construction crews are clearing and grading the temple site. Depending on how long that process takes, it will be interesting to see how soon construction can get underway on the temple proper.

Saratoga Springs is a recently established Utah community, incorporated in 1997, located on the west side of Utah Lake in northern Utah County. Church membership in Saratoga Springs and the bordering communities of Lehi and Eagle Mountain has grown rapidly over the past twenty years. There are currently seven stakes in Saratoga Springs, fourteen stakes in Lehi, and eight in Eagle Mountain. The stakes that will belong to the temple district have not been determined.

Temple presidents[]

Notable temple presidents have included:

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Template:Main article Temple access is available to church members who hold a current temple recommend, as is the case with all operating Latter-day Saints temples. An adjacent visitors center is open to the public. An LDS Church meetinghouse is across the street on the East, which is also open to the public.

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