The Santiago Chile Temple is the 24th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the 1st temple completed in Chile (1983).

Situated in Santiago's Providencia district, the site of the Santiago Chile Temple is known locally as "Temple Square." Sharing the block are a meetinghouse, area offices, distribution center, mission headquarters, and patron housing. Beautiful mature trees line the front of the temple while enchanting gardens fill the grounds behind the temple—accented by a focal point water fountain.


The Santiago Chile Temple was the second temple built in South America, following the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple (1978), and the first built in Chile. The Santiago Chile Temple was the first temple built in a Spanish-speaking country.

The site for the Santiago Chile Temple was purchased by the Church many years before the temple was constructed with the intention of building a Church school.

Temple District[]

The Santiago Chile Temple serves members from 50 stakes and 7 districts headquartered in Northern Chile:

  1. Aconcagua Chile Stake
  2. Antofagasta Chile La Portada Stake
  3. Antofagasta Chile Stake
  4. Buín Chile District
  5. Calama Chile Stake
  6. Colina Chile District
  7. Copiapo Chile Stake
  8. Coquimbo Chile Stake
  9. Curico Chile Stake
  10. El Belloto Chile Stake
  11. Illapel Chile District
  12. La Serena Chile Stake
  13. Ovalle Chile District
  14. Penaflor Chile Stake
  15. Quillota Chile Stake
  16. Quilpue Chile Stake
  17. Rancagua Chile Stake
  18. Rancagua Chile Tupahue Stake
  19. San Antonio Chile Stake
  20. San Fernando Chile District
  21. Santa Cruz Chile District
  22. Santiago Chile Alicahue Stake
  23. Santiago Chile Cinco de Abril Stake
  24. Santiago Chile Conchali Stake
  25. Santiago Chile Cordillera Stake
  26. Santiago Chile Gabriela Stake
  27. Santiago Chile Huelen Stake
  28. Santiago Chile Independencia Stake
  29. Santiago Chile Javier Carrera Stake
  30. Santiago Chile La Cisterna Stake
  31. Santiago Chile La Florida Stake
  32. Santiago Chile La Reina Stake
  33. Santiago Chile Las Condes Stake
  34. Santiago Chile Los Alerces Stake
  35. Santiago Chile Los Aviadores Stake
  36. Santiago Chile Los Cerrillos Stake
  37. Santiago Chile Maipu Stake
  38. Santiago Chile Nunoa Stake
  39. Santiago Chile Ochagavia Stake
  40. Santiago Chile Olimpo Stake
  41. Santiago Chile Puente Alto Stake
  42. Santiago Chile Quilicura Stake
  43. Santiago Chile Renca Stake
  44. Santiago Chile Republica Stake
  45. Santiago Chile San Bernardo Stake
  46. Santiago Chile San Miguel Stake
  47. Santiago Chile San Pablo Stake
  48. Santiago Chile Vicuna Mackenna Stake
  49. Santiago Chile Zapadores Stake
  50. Talagante Chile Stake
  51. Vallenar Chile District
  52. Valparaiso Chile Stake
  53. Valparaiso Chile West Stake
  54. Villa Alemana Chile Stake
  55. Villa Alemana Chile West Stake
  56. Vina Del Mar Chile Achupallas Stake
  57. Vina Del Mar Chile Stake

Temple Presidents[]

  1. Juan A. Urra 2019–
  2. Gerardo J. Wilhelm 2016–2019
  3. Francis C. Alder 2013–2016
  4. Julio E. Otay 2010–2013
  5. Thomas E. Lyon 2007–2010
  6. Julio H. Jaramillo 2004–2007
  7. Donnell W. Hunter 2001–2004
  8. Robert E. Wells 1998–2001
  9. Eduardo Ayala 1995–1998
  10. David G. Clark 1992–1995
  11. Max L. Willis 1989–1992
  12. David G. Díaz 1986–1989
  13. Arthur H. Strong 1985–1986
  14. Eugene F. Olsen 1983–1985

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Santiago Chile Temple[]


The Santiago Chile Temple is the 24th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the 1st temple completed in Chile (1983).