Stake History

2019 Stake Division

The Church organized a new stake in Sao Paulo State on October 13th. ThePiracicaba Brazil Rezende Stake was organized from a division of the Piracicaba Brazil Stake and the Rio Claro Brazil Stake. The new stake includes the following seven wards: the Limeira, Nova Itália, Parque das Nações, Piracicaba 2nd, Piracicaba 4th, São Pedro, and Vila Sônia Wards. The new stake includes wards based in three cities: Limeira (3), Piracicaba (3), and São Pedro (1). There are now 276 stakes and 39 districts in Brazil.

Ceara Home Centered Church Opportunities

We teach that true religion begins in the home: "Home Centered / Church Supported". To that end families may consider the following local resources and programs to strengthen your core beliefs and values:

1. Come Follow Me: - Daily & Weekly family gospel study
2. Scouting for Families: - Featuring age-appropriate appropriate Activities, Service, Crafts, Field Trips, & Outdoor Adventures. The Benefits of Scouting are many - increased faith, family recreation, physical health, citizenship and many other valuable life skill lessons.
4. Family History: Resources to help you explore your family tree

    • Mormon Pioneers - 200+ stories of early faithful Latter-day Saint pioneers.

5. Local Recreation: