Temple History

The Redlands California Temple was the fifth temple built in California, the third built in Southern California, and the first built in the Inland Empire. The Redlands California Temple was announced the same day as the Newport Beach California Temple and the Sacramento California Temple.

A 13½-foot statue of the angel Moroni was placed atop the Redlands California Temple by crane on March 13, 2003, to hundreds of onlookers who watched from the adjacent stake center or around the construction barrier.[1]

The Redlands California Temple sits on the Church's original landholdings in San Bernardino colony, established in 1851 under the direction of Brigham Young. The ethnically diverse settlement provided colony life to pioneer settlers, African-American families, Jewish merchants, Spanish rancho families, former Mexican government officials, and local Cahuilla and Serrano Indians.1

In planning for a future city at the settlement, a center block was designated as the site for a temple. However, no record exists of any efforts to erect this temple as the Saints stay in San Bernardino was relatively short.2

Today, the Redlands California Temple stands in an East Redlands residential area once occupied by orange groves, adjacent to the stake center for Redlands California Stake. As a special treat, guests attending the groundbreaking ceremony were served orange juice, made from the trees removed from the site.3

Behind the reception desk is a beautiful art glass panel once part of a San Bernardino meetinghouse built in 1930. Members kept the window after sale of the property and used it in a Pacific Avenue chapel until it was brought to the attention of interior designer Greg Hill, who chose the piece as a lobby showpiece.4

Over 15,000 people donated rocks needed for the temple's construction. Deliveries arrived from local members and out-of-state donators. Some were gathered from the campsite of the 1851 pioneers, now the Glen Helen Regional Park in Devore.5

Temple District

The Redlands California Temple serves members from 20 stakes headquartered in Inland Empire, the:

Riverside County, CA

  1. Hemet California Stake
  2. Jurupa California Stake
  3. Menifee California Stake
  4. Moreno Valley California Stake
  5. Palm Desert California Stake
  6. Riverside California Stake

San Bernardino County, CA

  1. Apple Valley California Stake
  2. Chino California Stake
  3. Corona California Stake
  4. Fontana California Stake
  5. Hesperia California Stake
  6. Ontario California Stake
  7. Rancho Cucamonga California Stake
  8. Redlands California Stake
  9. Rialto California Stake
  10. San Bernardino California Stake
  11. Upland California Stake
  12. Victorville California Stake
  13. Yucaipa California Stake
  14. Yucca Valley California Stake


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Redlands California Temple


The Redlands California Temple is the 116th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was the fifth temple built in California and was announced the same day as the Newport Beach California Temple and the Sacramento California Temple.