The Lima Peru Temple is the 38th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the 1st temple completed in Peru (2015). Situated in eastern Lima in the upscale district of La Molina, the Lima Peru Temple, accentuated by six statuesque spires, rises resolutely above heavily traveled Avenida Javier Prado. The Lima Peru Temple was the third temple built in South America, following the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple (1978) and the Santiago Chile Temple (1983), and the first built in Peru. Lima, Peru, has the largest number of stakes of any city in South America.


Temple District[]

The Lima Peru Temple serves members from 66 stakes and 7 districts headquartered in Central Peru and the Peruvian Amazon:

  1. Abancay Peru Apurimac District
  2. Andahuaylas Peru District
  3. Ayacucho Peru Stake
  4. Barranca Peru Stake
  5. Canete Peru District
  6. Cerro de Pasco Peru Stake
  7. Chincha Peru Stake
  8. Huacho Peru Stake
  9. Huancayo Peru El Valle Stake
  10. Huancayo Peru Stake
  11. Huanuco Peru Amarilis Stake
  12. Huanuco Peru Stake
  13. Ica Peru Stake
  14. Iquitos Peru Nueve de Octubre Stake
  15. Iquitos Peru Punchana Stake
  16. Iquitos Peru Stake
  17. La Merced Peru Stake
  18. Lima Peru Begonias Stake
  19. Lima Peru Callao Stake
  20. Lima Peru Campoy Stake
  21. Lima Peru Canto Grande Stake
  22. Lima Peru Carabayllo Stake
  23. Lima Peru Centro Stake
  24. Lima Peru Chaclacayo Stake
  25. Lima Peru Chorrillos Stake
  26. Lima Peru Chosica Stake
  27. Lima Peru Comas Stake
  28. Lima Peru Condevilla Stake
  29. Lima Peru El Olivar Stake
  30. Lima Peru El Trebol Stake
  31. Lima Peru Independencia Stake
  32. Lima Peru La Campina Stake
  33. Lima Peru La Libertad Stake
  34. Lima Peru La Molina Stake
  35. Lima Peru Las Flores Stake
  36. Lima Peru Las Palmeras Stake
  37. Lima Peru Limatambo Stake
  38. Lima Peru Los Olivos Stake
  39. Lima Peru Magdalena Stake
  40. Lima Peru Magnolias Stake
  41. Lima Peru Maranga Stake
  42. Lima Peru Mayorazgo Stake
  43. Lima Peru Miramar Stake
  44. Lima Peru Naranjal Stake
  45. Lima Peru Pachacamac Stake
  46. Lima Peru Palao Stake
  47. Lima Peru Prolima Stake
  48. Lima Peru Puente Piedra Stake
  49. Lima Peru Rimac Stake
  50. Lima Peru San Felipe Stake
  51. Lima Peru San Gabriel Stake
  52. Lima Peru San Juan Stake
  53. Lima Peru San Luis Stake
  54. Lima Peru San Martin Stake
  55. Lima Peru Santa Anita Stake
  56. Lima Peru Santa Clara Stake
  57. Lima Peru Santa Isabel Stake
  58. Lima Peru Santa Patricia Stake
  59. Lima Peru Surco Stake
  60. Lima Peru Tahuantinsuyo Stake
  61. Lima Peru Torre Blanca Stake
  62. Lima Peru Villa Maria Stake
  63. Lima Peru Villa Salvador Stake
  64. Lima Peru Vitarte Stake
  65. Lima Peru Wiesse Stake
  66. Mantaro Peru Stake
  67. Nazca Peru District
  68. Pisco Peru Stake
  69. Pucallpa Peru Stake
  70. Puerto Maldonado Peru District
  71. Quillabamba Peru Cuzco District
  72. Tarma Peru District
  73. Ventanilla Peru Stake

Temple Presidents[]

  1. Hector A. Miranda 2019–
  2. Richard W. Gillespie 2016–2019
  3. G. Mario Perotti 2013–2016
  4. Robert W. Lees 2010–2013
  5. Carlos M. Bowman 2007–2010
  6. Royden J. Glade 2004–2007
  7. Dean L. Larsen 2001–2004
  8. J. Marlan Walker 1998–2001
  9. Jorge M. Leano Rodríguez 1995–1998
  10. Isidoro R. Villanueva Ocana 1992–1995
  11. Rodolfo W. Mortensen 1990–1992
  12. Glen V. Holley 1987–1990
  13. Samuel Boren 1986–1987

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Lima Peru Temple[]


The Lima Peru Temple is the 38th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the 1st temple completed in Peru (2015).