The Idaho Falls Idaho Temple (formerly the Idaho Falls Temple) is the tenth constructed and eighth operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Located in the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho it was the first LDS temple built in Idaho, and the first temple built with a modern single-spire design.

The temple in Idaho Falls was announced on March 3, 1937. The building was designed by the church board of temple architects: Edward O. Anderson, Georgious Y. Cannon, Ramm Hansen, John Fetzer, Hyrum Pope, Lorenzo Snow Young. The exterior of the temple was completed in September 1941 and the interior was expected to be completed the following year. However, with World War II shortages, it delayed the completion of the temple for four more years. In spite of delays, LDS Church president George Albert Smith dedicated the Idaho Falls Temple just one month after the war ended, on September 23, 1945. The temple was built on a Template:Convert plot, has 4 ordinance rooms and 9 sealing rooms, and has a total floor area of Template:Convert.

The name of the temple was changed from the Idaho Falls Temple to the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple in 1999 when the church introduced standardized naming conventions for temples worldwide.[1]

In March 2015, the temple closed for renovations that were expected to last 18 months.[2] The renovations took nearly two years and following their completion, a public open house was held from April 22 through May 20, 2017, excluding Sundays.[3] The temple was rededicated by Henry B. Eyring on June 4, 2017.

Temple District[]

Bannock County, ID[]

  1. Chubbock Idaho Stake
  2. McCammon Idaho Stake
  3. Pocatello Idaho Stake
  4. Pocatello Idaho Alameda Stake
  5. Pocatello Idaho Central Stake
  6. Pocatello Idaho East Stake
  7. Pocatello Idaho Highland Stake
  8. Pocatello Idaho North Stake
  9. Pocatello Idaho Tyhee Stake
  10. Pocatello Idaho YSA 1st Stake
  11. Pocatello Idaho YSA 2nd Stake

Bingham County, ID[]

  1. Blackfoot Idaho Stake
  2. Blackfoot Idaho East Stake
  3. Blackfoot Idaho Northwest Stake
  4. Blackfoot Idaho South Stake
  5. Blackfoot Idaho West Stake
  6. Firth Idaho Stake
  7. Shelley Idaho Stake
  8. Shelley Idaho South Stake

Bonneville County, ID[]

  1. Ammon Idaho Stake
  2. Ammon Idaho East Stake
  3. Ammon Idaho Foothills Stake
  4. Ammon Idaho North Stake
  5. Idaho Falls Stake
  6. Idaho Falls Ammon West Stake
  7. Idaho Falls Central Stake
  8. Idaho Falls Eagle Rock Stake
  9. Idaho Falls East Stake
  10. Idaho Falls Lincoln Stake
  11. Idaho Falls North Stake
  12. Idaho Falls South Stake
  13. Idaho Falls Taylor Mountain Stake
  14. Idaho Falls West Stake
  15. Idaho Falls YSA Stake
  16. Iona Idaho Stake
  17. Iona Idaho South Stake
  18. Ucon Idaho Stake

Butte County, ID[]

  1. Moore Idaho Stake

Jefferson County, ID[]

  1. Menan Idaho Stake
  2. Rigby Idaho Stake
  3. Rigby Idaho East Stake
  4. Rigby Idaho South Stake
  5. Terreton Idaho Stake

Lemhi County, ID[]

  1. Salmon Idaho Stake

Power County, ID[]

  1. American Falls Idaho Stake


Notable presidents of the temple include David A. Smith (1943–49) and John H. Groberg (2005–08).

  1. Doyle L. Batt 2019–
  2. Donald J Archibald 2014–2019
  3. Gerald A. Mead 2011–2014
  4. Larry G. Stoddard 2008–2011
  5. John H. Groberg 2005–2008
  6. Newell K. Richardson 2002–2005
  7. Mark G. Ricks 1999–2002
  8. Glen C. Nelson 1996–1999
  9. Preston B. Brimhall 1993–1996
  10. C. Gayle Williams 1990–1993
  11. Milton A. Romrell 1987–1990
  12. Rheim M. Jones 1984–1987
  13. Devere Harris 1980–1984
  14. Delbert V. Groberg 1975–1980
  15. Cecil E. Hart 1970–1975
  16. Parley A. Arave 1966–1970
  17. William L. Killpack 1949–1965
  18. David Smith 1943–1949

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