History of St. George Utah Stake

  • Oldest Stake in Washington County (1869)
  • 9th Oldest Continually Active Stake in the Church

LDS Pioneer History Sites

LDS History Sites in Southwest Utah:

  • LDS Church History Map of St George Utah - Interactive Map: Latter-day Saint Places of Interest, St. George and Santa Clara.
  • Encampment Mall Memorial - Tribute to LDS Church Pioneers that settled St. George in 1861-62.
  • Jacob Hamblin Home LDS Church History Site. The Hamblin Home in Santa Clara, Utah, is the place where Jacob Hamblin, Southern Utah Indian Mission president, lived with his family from 1863 to 1868. Because of Hamblin’s service among the American Indians in the region, the home functioned as the headquarters for the mission. Today it is a historic site and is open for public tours. The home and furnishings have been restored to reflect their 1860s appearance.
  • Temple Quarry Trail - Hike St. George): From 1871 to 1877, Latter-day Saints used local materials to build the St. George Utah Temple. They hauled volcanic rock from this nearby hill for the temple’s foundation. Today an out-and-back hiking trail curves around the hill. In total, it is a 2.2-mile hike.
  • Sandstone Quarry Trail (Hike St. George): From 1863 to 1877, Latter-day Saints used local materials to build the St. George Tabernacle and St. George Utah Temple. They quarried sandstone from this nearby hill for the exterior walls of those buildings. Today an out-and-back hiking trail takes visitors to the site of the quarry next to the Red Hill Golf Course in downtown St. George. In total, it is a 0.6-mile hike.
  • Brigham Young Winter Home and Office - LDS Church History Site. From 1870 to 1877, President Brigham Young lived in St. George, Utah, during the winter months. Beginning in 1872, he and members of his family lived in the place that is now called the Brigham Young Winter Home. From this home, he directed the affairs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today this historic site is open to the public year-round. The home and adjacent office have been restored and furnished to reflect their 1870s appearance. Tours tell about Brigham Young’s family life in St. George and about his role in directing the settlement of southern Utah, including the construction of the St. George Utah Temple.
  • St. George Tabernacle LDS Church History Site. The St. George Tabernacle is a historic meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has functioned as a place for worship and community gatherings since 1869—before its completion in 1876. In addition to Latter-day Saint worship, the tabernacle has also been used on occasion by other faiths.
  • St. George Temple Visitors Center LDS Church History Site. In 1871, President Young announced that a temple would be built in St. George, Utah. Latter-day Saints completed the temple in 1877. The St. George Utah Temple became the first temple to be completed since the Saints left Nauvoo in 1846 and the first where endowments for the dead were performed.
  • Pine Valley Chapel- LDS Church History Site: The Pine Valley Chapel is located in Pine Valley, Utah, about a 45-minute drive north from St. George, Utah. This historic meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was built by settlers of the valley in 1873. Tours daily during summer months.
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial - site of the September 7, 1857 attack on the Baker-Farcher pioneer party haeding to California.

1865 Church Leaders

  • Robert Gardner (1819-1906) - In 1862 he was set apart as Bishop of St. George by President Erastus Snow. He was later set apart as first councilor to Joseph W. Young, President of the St. George Stake. President Young died in 1875 and Robert Gardner with A.F. McDonald as second councilor, presided over the Stake until J.D.T. McAllister was put in as President.
  • John D.T. McAllister - Missionary, Wagon Pioneer, Stake President and then Temple President in St. George.
  • David Henry Cannon (1838-1924) - LDS Missionary to California (1857) and England (1869), led a 1861 Wagon train leader to Utah and was part of the Dixie Mission that same year where he became originated the Sego Lily Story. Member of St. George Stake high council, stake presidency and the served nearly 30 years as president of the St. George Utah Temple.

20th Century

  • Bruce Clark Hafen (1940)|Bruce C. Hafen (1940) - President of Rick's College (1978-85) and President of St. George Utah Temple (2010-13), and General Authority Seventy of LDS Church (1996-2010). Also a counselor of the local stake presidency.
  • Orval Hafen (1903-1964) was a Utah State Senator and president of the Utah Bar Association. He was a key figure in the long process that by the start of the 21st-century had made St. George a key center of retirement and growing community. Also a counselor of the local stake presidency.

1961 East Stake Creation

2019 Stake Center Fire

Fire guts new stake center on 26 Jan 2019

  • 26-Jan-2019 : The new St. George Utah East Stake Center Building which was shortly to be dedicated and occupied was totally destroyed by a suspicious fire in the early morning hours.

Stakes of Washington County

Washington County

# LDS # Title Found Date Temple District scope-"col" width="140px" | 1st president Notes Status
001 1690 Bloomington Utah Stake 06 Mar 1988 St. George Steven H. Peterson
002 0134 Enterprise Utah Stake 15 Dec 1940 St. George Daniel J. Ronnow FKA: Uvada Stake
003 0871 Hurricane Utah Stake 23 Oct 1977 St. George Ira Wallace Hatch
004 xxxx Hurricane Utah North Stake 06 Jan 2019 St. George
005 2180 Hurricane Utah West Stake 10 Mar 1996 St. George Scott W. Colton
006 2165 Ivins Utah Stake 11 Feb 1996 St. George Bruce Lynn Gubler
007 1294 La Verkin Utah Stake 11 Oct 1981 St. George Floyd Leon Lewis FKA: Hurricane North Stake
008 1361 Santa Clara Utah Stake 29 Aug 1982 St. George Dale Gubler
009 2942 Santa Clara Utah Heights Stake 13 Nov 2011 St. George Richard G. Harris
010 0009a St. George Utah Stake 07 Nov 1869 St. George Joseph W. Young Oldest Stake in Washington County
011 1623 St. George Utah Bloomington Hills Stake 04 Jan 1987 St. George James Grey Larkin FKA: Bloomington Hills Stake
012 xxxx St. George Utah Boulder Ridge Stake 15 Dec 2013 St. George
013 xxxx St. George Utah Crimson Ridge Stake 06 Nov 2016 St. George
014 3461 St. George Utah Crimson Ridge West Stake 15 Nov 2020 St. George
015 0322 St. George Utah East Stake 05 Feb 1961 St. George Rudger C. Atkin
016 1813 St. George Utah Green Valley Stake 25 Aug 1991 St. George La Rell David Muir
017 2688 St. George Utah Little Valley Stake 28 Aug 2005 St. George Marshall R. Topham
018 1999 St. George Utah Morningside Stake 20 Nov 1994 St. George James Grey Larkin
019 xxxx St. George Utah North Stake date St. George
020 1625 St. George Utah Pine View Stake 18 Jan 1987 St. George H. Carlyle Stirling FKA: Washington Utah West Stake
021 2737 St. George Utah Red Cliffs Stake 28 Oct 2006 St. George R. Daren Barney
022 1814 St. George Utah Snow Canyon Stake 25 Aug 1991 St. George Thomas Randy Judd FKA: St. George Utah Dixie Downs Stake
023 xxxx St. George Utah Southgate Stake 15 Nov 2015 St. George
024 2605c St. George Utah Sunset Stake 26 Sep 2002 St. George Lon E. Henderson
025 2565 St. George Utah Washington Fields Stake 25 Jun 2000 St. George Terry L. Wade
026 xxxx St. George Utah Washington Fields North Stake 29 Jan 2017 St. George
027 0759 St. George Utah YSA 1st Stake 30 May 1976 St. George Peter A. Nyberg FKA: St. George College Stake
028 2492 St. George Utah YSA 2nd Stake 16 Aug 1998 St. George Charles Jeffrey Morby FKA: St. George College 2nd Stake
029 0991 Washington Utah Stake 07 Jan 1979 St. George Lorel Wynn Turek
030 2368 Washington Utah Buena Vista Stake 01 Jun 1997 St. George Leo G. Richardson
031 2805 Washington Utah East Stake 21 Jun 2008 St. George Randon Brant Jones
  • Missing St. George West Stake
  • Missing: #102: ZionPark Stake - From 1929, Claudius Hirschi.

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