Stake History

2021 New Stake Presidency

GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2021) President — Neal Doyle Buckwalter, 43, Grand Valley State University professor; succeeding Allen R. Smith; wife, Lynnette Mae Wilson Buckwalter. Counselors — Douglas Sundquist Brown, 62, chiropractor; wife, Carol Elizabeth Vogt Brown. Mateo Chino, 48, Johnson & Johnson regional sales manager and National Guard army officer; wife, Rebekah May Thompson Chino.[1]

Kent County Home Centered Church Opportunities

We teach that true religion begins in the home: "Home Centered / Church Supported". To that end families may consider the following local resources and programs to strengthen your core beliefs and values:

1. Come Follow Me: - Daily & Weekly family gospel study
2. Vanguard Scouting: - Featuring age-appropriate Family Activities, Service, Crafts, Field Trips, & Outdoor Adventures. The Benefits of Scouting are many, and there are lots of personal growth ideas to help your family pursue the new Churchwide Children & Youth Program.
3. LIFE School Curriculum: an LDS gospel based homeschool program that is built on the foundation of the scriptures, giving the child a sense of who he is and setting him on the path of discovering his divine mission. It is presented in a four year chronological rotation, integrating all areas of study to create a clear picture of the history of our world.
4. Family History: Resources to help you explore your family tree

    • Mormon Pioneers - 200+ stories of early faithful Latter-day Saint pioneers.
    • Familypedia - Come help build Michigan's largest Family History online Encyclopedia.

5. Local Recreation:

Detroit Michigan Temple


The Detroit Michigan Temple is the 63rd operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is the first temple built in Michigan. The roadway running in front of the temple, eight-lane Woodward Avenue, is one of the Detroit area's major thoroughfares. It gives the temple good exposure to passers-by, but it is remains unobtrusive because of its well-landscaped parkway and location behind a large, grass-covered buffer.

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