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2022 Stake Division[]

A new stake organized in California today, 11-Sept-2022. The new San Marcos California Stake was created from a reorganization of the Vista California Stake and Escondido California Stake. It is the first stake created in the golden state since the founding of the Lincoln California Stake in 2013 and becomes the 155th stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California. This event takes place adjacent to the fiftieth anniversary of the Escondido Stake, first organized on 24-Sept-1972.

This is a significant development for a state that seen several stake consolidations in recent years, primarily attributable to some significant population changes. Elder Mark D. Eddy and Elder Voi B. Taeoalii, both General Authority Seventy, presided over this change which included a staggering 41 interview conducted in one day.

A combined general conference was held at the Felicity Chapel which will serve as stake center for the immediate future for both the San Marcos and Escondido Stakes. Many testimonies were shared in this meeting about the various ways people have witnessed the hand of the Lord directing this change over.

While a number of changes in stake leadership were announced, and more are sure to follow, there was no change made for either the seminary program or either of the two YSA Wards which will continue with the same staffing as immediately before. Released were the Escondido Stake Presidency of R. Todd McMasters, president, with counselors John Marasco and Kyle Chapman whom had served together for six years.

The new stake will include two wards from Vista Stake - Buena Creek Ward and Shadowridge Ward. From the Escondido Stake comes the Santa Fe Hills Ward, Twin Oaks Valley Ward, Palomar YSA Ward and Las Posas Branch (spanish speaking). Additionally the former San Elijo Hills Ward and Discovery Hills Ward were merged together to form the new Double Peak Ward and also be a part of this stake. The new presidency of San Marcos Stake will include R. Todd McMasters, President with Matthew "Buck" Borkquist, 1st Counselor and C.J. Fellers, 2nd Counselor. Brother Borkquist currently serves as bishop for President McMasters home ward. The new presidency of Escondido Stake will include Anthony Thompson, President with Graham Mitchell, 1st Counselor and Sean Owsley, 2nd Counselor.

For the Vista Stake, released was 1st Counselor, Craig Riddle whose family resides in the boundaries of the new stake. Greg Conk was released as 2nd Counselor and sustained as 1st Counselor. Called as 2nd Counselor is Ryean Rumsey, who only the week before was released as bishop for the Vista YSA Ward.

San Diego County Home Centered Church Opportunities[]

We teach that true religion begins in the home: "Home Centered / Church Supported". To that end families may consider the following local resources and programs to strengthen your core beliefs and values:

1. Come Follow Me: - Daily & Weekly family gospel study
2. Vanguard Scouting: - Featuring age-appropriate Family Activities, Service, Crafts, Field Trips, & Outdoor Adventures. The Benefits of Scouting are many, and there are lots of personal growth ideas to help your family pursue the new Churchwide Children & Youth Program.
3. LIFE School Curriculum: an LDS gospel based homeschool program that is built on the foundation of the scriptures, giving the child a sense of who he is and setting him on the path of discovering his divine mission. It is presented in a four year chronological rotation, integrating all areas of study to create a clear picture of the history of our world.
4. Family History: Resources to help you explore your family tree

5. San Diego With Kids -Outdoor activities and events for young families in San Diego.
6. Stripling Warriors on Facebook - Join LDS Youth meeting the challenge to build up Zion in their own communities.

7. Local Recreation:

San Diego Temple[]


The San Diego California Temple is the 45th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Situated near the upscale community of La Jolla in San Diego. Connecting the towers at the center is a supernal star-shaped atrium filled with a healthy, colorful garden. The atrium is accessed from the breathtaking two-story Celestial Room filled with towering art glass, suspended light fixtures, and featuring a grand staircase to an upper-level balcony.

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