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At the conclusion of the 191st General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held on Easter Sunday, 04-Apr-2021, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to build 20 new temples, the most announced in a single day since 1998. The prophet has now announced 69 new temples in the three years he has served as president of The Church.[1][2]

About 7,000 Latter-day Saints in a dozen congregations reside in Belgium. The Brussels Belgium Temple will be the Church’s first temple in Belgium. Brussels, a major international center, is the European country’s capital. A convert from Turkey was the first member to arrive in Belgium in 1888. Missionaries laboring in Switzerland and Germany were also sent to Belgium, and the first chapels built for French-speaking members in Europe were completed in the 1930s. There are now more than a dozen temples in Europe.

The Church undertook a massive consolidation of wards and branches in Belgium in 2017 that resulted in the only ward or branch being closed in several cities. Today, there are 12 congregations in Belgium and two congregations in neighboring Luxembourg. Local members have noted that travel to The Hague Netherlands Temple is difficult for many Belgian members due to reliance on public transportation. Moreover, Belgium was the sovereign European country with the most members without a temple announced or dedicated prior to the announcement of the Brussels Belgium Temple (there were 6,605 members in Belgium as of year-end 2019). The new temple will likely service the two Belgian stakes (Antwerp [organized in 1994] and Brussels [organized in 1977]) and the Lille France Stake. Finally, members report that a site for the new temple has appeared to have already been secured. It is anticipated that the new temple may provide greater awareness of the Church in Europe given Brussels' prominence in European politics and cosmopolitan demography. The Church has had a continual presence in Belgium since the late 1880s. Belgium currently pertains to The Hague Netherlands Temple.

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