Adam and Eve at peace with all living creatures in the Garden of Eden.

Adam: Father of all, prince of all, the "Ancient of Days".

The Latter Day Saint movement holds that Adam and is the Archangel Michael who fought against and cast out Lucifer (who became Satan) and his followers at the conclusion of the War of Heaven during the Pre-existence|pre-mortal existence (Revelations 12:7-9) Michael was born into this mortal existence as the first man. Mormons also consider Adam to be the first among all the prophets on earth as well as the first of the Patriarchs of Genesis.

The Latter Day Saints hold the belief that the "Fall" was not a tragedy, but rather a necessary part of God's plan. They believe that Adam and Eve had to partake of the forbidden fruit in order to fulfill God's plan so that humans would be able to have free agency.

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